We are a technology consultancy with experience designing highly-scalable, production-grade services in Scala, Java and PHP. Our expert specialists can start work quickly and full-time remotely or on-site with your team to accelerate results without the need to spend time training staff, or recruiting for permanent hires.

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Do you have ideas but no available engineers? Proteus can execute a project from inception to completion and work closely with you to deliver a product that meets your exacting specifications. Enquire now for a quotation.

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On-Site Contracting

Need experts quickly? Our on-site contracting service embeds highly trained Proteus Contractors within your teams to achieve your goals faster. Enquire now for a quotation.

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Emergency Support

Website down? Original engineers nowhere to be found or staff sickness meaning extended downtime? Proteus can help. Our expert engineers can comprehend your codebase and trace the root cause of problems quickly.

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